(Current as of 2/1/2018)

Current projects: Science campaigns

Project details
ICRF Campaign:
R. Perkins [Lead], N. Bertelli, J. Hosea (PPPL) J. Caughman, D. Green, C. Lau, E. Martin (ORNL) G. Wallace, J. Wright (MIT) J. Myra (Lodestar) R. Pinsker (GA) X. Yang (Tri-Alpha Energy) D. Van Ester, K. Crombe (Royal Military School, Belgium)
Solar Wind Campaign
G. Howes (U. Iowa) (Lead) J. Squire (Caltech) M. Kunz (Princeton) K. Klein (University of Arizona)

Current projects: User Groups

Project details
The Physics of Solar Coronal Heating via Alfven Waves
Columbia University
D. Savin, M. Hahn, S. Bose
Magnetized, Collisionless Shocks
Phoenix Laser Group, UCLA
C. Niemann, C. Constantin, P. Heuer
Remediation of Mirror Trapped Energetic Particles by Whistler and Alfven Waves
U. Maryland
K. Papadopolous
The Role of Shear Flow in Edge Transport
Bryn Mawr College
D. Schaffner + undergrad student
Turbulence and Transport in Filamentary Temperature Striations
University of Alberta
R. Sydora + grad student
Electron Acceleration by Inertial Alfven Waves
University of Iowa
C. Kletzing, F. Skiff, J. Schroeder, G. Howes
Electron-beam-generated whistler waves (chirps/chorus/hiss)
J. Bortnik, R. Thorne, X. An
Modeling of three-dimensional plasma properties in an industrial etch tool
University of Michigan
M. Kushner
Topological Analysis of 3D Magnetic Reconnection in LAPD
University of Durham, UK
A. Yeats + grad student
Study of ICRF Rectification
R. Perkins, J. Hosea
Parasitic coupling to LH waves by ICRF antennas
Royal Military School, Belgium & University of Ghent
D. Van Ester, K. Crombe

Current projects: BaPSF Local Group

The "local group" is the team that constructed the LAPD device and runs it as a user facility. The group consists of: Walter Gekelman, George Morales, Steve Vincena, Shreekrishna Tripathi, B. Van Compernolle, and Patrick Pribyl.

Project details
Reconnection and Non-local Ohm's Law in Magnetic Flux Ropes:
W. Gekelman, P. Pribyl, B. Van Compernolle, S. Vincena
Time-Domain Structures in Current Carrying Plasmas
W. Gekelman, S. Tang, P. Pribyl, S. Vincena
Three-dimensional measurements of plasma properties in an industrial etch tool
W. Gekelman, P. Pribyl, J. Han
Modeling Solar Arched Magnetic Flux Rope Eruptions
S.K.P. Tripathi
Energetic Ion Beam Excitation of Wave Modes
S.K.P Triphathi, BapSF Group
Plasma Avalanches in Temperature Gradients
B. Van Compernolle, G. Morales, grad student
Multi-ion Transport Physics
T.A. Carter, J. Robertson, S. Vincena
Edge Transport in High-Beta Plasmas
T. Carter, G. Rossi
Nonlinear Shear Alfven Wave / Flux Rope Interactions
S. Vincena, S.K.P. Tripathi, W. Gekelman, P. Pribyl