How to apply for machine time

Currently, we welcome white papers at any time and from any institution (in the United States or from abroad). The purpose of the white paper is to assess the feasibility and scientific merit of the proposed research.

The white papers are reviewed in a two step process. First the Director examines them to insure that the experiment is not incompatible with the safety and operation of the machine. Next the Scientific Council reviews the white paper for scientific merit. If the experiment is approved, the Council in consultation with the Director and input from the prospective users, schedules time on the machine. The use of the facility and its diagnostics is free of charge to approved users, but the facility is not a source of funding.

The following format must be used in a white paper:

  • The white paper should not exceed three pages and be a pdf file.
  • It must contain a concise description of the experiment, the plasma parameters and conditions as well as necessary diagnostics and equipment.
  • Include an estimate of the required experimental run time.
  • Indicate user personnel and staff involved.
  • Submit the white paper to Troy Carter, using the email address at right.

Notification of the outcome of the review of the white paper will be made within two months. If requested a formal letter of acceptance will be sent by the Director to an appropriate funding agency. If users require diagnostics or equipment not available from the BaPSF, they must arrange to supply these items at their cost.

White papers expire after a period of 18 months from their approval if the group that proposed it does not initiate experiments at UCLA. The white paper may be resubmitted, and will go back to the council for review after the "active" period ends.

Renewal of White Papers

  • It is required that white papers be renewed every two years.
  • White paper renewal will be based on adequate progress.
  • It is expected that research will result in publications in refereed journals. Renewal requests for white papers should include lists of publications and conference presentations.
  • White paper renewal will also take into consideration the progress and status of graduate students connected to the project.
  • It is strongly recommended that individuals who plan to submit a proposal for funding for an experiment on the LAPD device first submit a white paper for approval prior to submitting a proposal to an agency.