2017 Solicitation for Basic Plasma Science Facility Runtime

The Basic Plasma Science Facility makes 50% of Large Plasma Device (LAPD) runtime (around 20 weeks of operation) available to external users. Typical allocation of runtime to users is 2 weeks of operation per year. Proposals for runtime can be made through submission of a 3-5 page whitepaper by December 22, 2017. Whitepapers can be submitted by e-mail to the BaPSF Director (Troy Carter, ).

Whitepaper Format

Whitepaper proposals should be no more than 5 pages in length and should be submitted in PDF format. The Whitepaper should contain:

  • A description of the scientific motivation for the experiment. What is the intellectual merit of the proposed experiment?
  • A description of the proposed experiment, including required plasma parameters and conditions as well as necessary diagnostics and equipment to perform the experiment. Note that the BaPSF can provide a wide range of diagnostics, wave antennas & power supplies and other equipment. Some information about available equipment can be found here: http://plasma.physics.ucla.edu/page/equipment.html. Any questions about the availability of diagnostics or other equipment for user projects can be sent to the BaPSF Director: tcarter@physics.ucla.edu.
  • An estimate of the required experimental run time.
  • Indicate user personnel and staff involved, including the involvement of postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students. Broader impacts of the proposed work, including student training, will be considered in the proposal review process.

  • The whitepaper should include appropriate references within the 5 page limit.

    Review Process

    Whitepapers submitted under this solicitation will be reviewed by the BaPSF Council, an independent and external body which advises the Director of the BaPSF. The Council will provide a prioritized /ranked list of proposals to the Director, who will use this input to allocate and schedule runtime.

    The review process will follow guidelines similar to the NSF review process. Specifically, the proposals will be evaluated for:

  • Intellectual merit: What scientific questions will the proposed experiment address? How likely is the experiment to succeed?
  • Broader impacts: Will students or junior scientists be provided research opportunities and training by the proposed work? Does the Proposals are encouraged that might overlap with proposed work provide enhancements to the facility that other users will benefit from (e.g. bringing new diagnostics or other hardware, or establish new experimental techniques)?

  • The review will be concluded in time to allocate runtime starting Februrary, 2018.

    Renewal of previously approved projects

    Projects approved for runtime in the 2017 Solicitation will recieve runtime allocation during the 2017 Calendar Year. It is typical for user projects to continue for more than one year (e.g. for a graduate student project or multi-year grant from a federal agency). Those with 2017 allocations can renew their runtime allocation for up to three years by submitting a short document describing status and future plans for the project during the 2018 Solicitation (this document should be similar in length to whitepaper proposals).

    BaPSF Campaigns

    This solicitation requests proposals for individual user runtime on the Large Plasma Device. In addition to this runtime, BaPSF offers additional runtime to two “Campaigns,” which are collaborative projects led by external scientists. Currently there are two active Campaigns:

  • ICRF Campaign: Focused on issues associated with the use of high power RF waves for heating and current drive in magnetic confinement devices (e.g. RF sheaths, novel heating schemes). Led by Rory Perkins (PPPL), (rperkins@pppl.gov).
  • Solar Wind Campaign: Focused on processes relevant to Solar Wind plasma (e.g. waves and instabilities in beta ~ 1 plasmas, wave-particle correlations). Led by Greg Howes (U. Iowa) (gregory-howes@uiowa.edu).
  • Potential users who have ideas that might intersect with these Campaigns are encouraged to contact the Campaign leaders to discuss whether or not their ideas could be accomodated in Campaign runtime. Submission of a proposal to this solicitation is encouraged if such an intersection does not exist.