Current Projects

This page contains a list of current scientific research projects at the Basic Plasma Science Facility and present user run time allocations. Typically projects receive two weeks of run time per year.

User Projects

Fundamental Studies in Basic Plasma Science: Experimental Investigations of Alfven Wave Damping Processes Relevant to the Solar Corona: D. Wolf Savin, M. Hahn, Columbia University. Run allocation on LAPD through June 1, 2021.

Thermal Wave Resonator and Cross-field Energy Transport Studies using Single and Multiple Magnetized Electron Temperature Filaments: R. Sydora and Scott Karbashewski , Department of Physics, University of Alberta, Canada. Run allocation on LAPD through June 1, 2021.

Generation Mechanisms of Parallel-Propagating, Collisionless, Alfvénic Shocks: C. Niemann, C. Constantin, P. Heuer, R. Dorst, UCLA Phoenix Laser Laboratory. Run allocation on LAPD through June 1, 2021

Alfvén wave parametric decay: S. Dorfman, Space Science Institute. Run allocation on LAPD through June 1, 2021.

Parametric Decay of Alfven-Cyclotron Waves in Low-beta Multi-ion Plasmas: Xiangrong Fu (New Mexico Consortium, Los Alamos, NM), Seth Dorfman (Space Science Institute, Boulder, CO). Run allocation on LAPD through June 1, 2021

Large-Scale Changes to Plasma Properties Caused by Strongly Emitting Surfaces: Michael Campanell (LLNL), Maxim Umansky (LLNL) Grant Johnson (LLNL Undergraduate Scholar – Junior year student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University). Run allocation on SPD through June 1, 2021.

Validation of BOUT++/HERMES: The role of fueling versus transport in setting the plasma density profile: S. Mordijck, The College of William and Mary. Run allocation on LAPD through June 1, 2020.

Laboratory Study of Laser-Driven, Ion-Scale Magnetospheres: D. Schaeffer, Princeton University. Run allocation on LAPD through June 1, 2020.

Residual Energy and Nonlinear Cascade in Turbulent Alfvén Wave Interactions: C. H. K. Chen,Queen Mary University of London; S. Dorfman, Space Science Institute. Run allocation on LAPD through June 1, 2020.

Non-linear physics of the interaction between a relativistic electron beam and magnetized plasma: V. Roytershteyn, S. Dorfman, Space Science Institute; C. Cattell, University of Minnesota; G. Delzanno, B. Carlsten, Los Alamos National Laboratory. Run allocation on LAPD through June 1, 2020.

Detection of Topological Plasma Waves in LAPD: Jeff Parker (LLNL) Brad Marston (Brown University), Steve Tobias (University of Leeds), Ziyan Zhu (Harvard University, Graduate Student). Run allocation on LAPD through June 1, 2020

Campaigns and Related Projects

ICRF Campaign: Lead: C. Lau (LANL). Experiments and projects: Coupling studies of newly installed four-strap ICRF antenna for various antenna strap phasings. Lead: X. Yang (TAE Tech.), drift-wave enhancement via nonlinear fast wave interaction.

Solar Wind Campaign: Lead: G. Howes (University of Iowa). Experiments and projects: Measurement of electron acceleration of inertial Alfvén waves, J. Schroeder, F. Skiff, C. Kletzing, G. Howes, University of Iowa; development of whistler wave absorption diagnostic for measuring the electron velocity distribution function, F. Skiff.

Local Group Projects

Extreme transport events in a magnetized plasma: B. Van Compernolle, G. J. Morales, M. J. Poulos.

Nonlinear interactions between shear Alfvén waves and kink-unstable magnetic flux ropes: S. Vincena, SKP Tripathi, W. Gekelman.

Polarization studies of Alfvén waves in two-ion plasmas and the development of a localized diagnostic of the ion-concentration ratio: J. Robertson, T.A. Carter, S. Vincena.

Electric field time-domain structure generation during magnetic reconnection: SWJ Tang, W. Gekelman.

Development of novel, ferrite-based antennas for electromagnetic ion cyclotron excitation: K. Papadopoulos (U. Maryland), W. Gekelman, S. VIncena, P. Pribyl, SWJ. Tang.

Plasma turbulence in a magnetic mirror geometry: P. Travis & T.A. Carter.

Reconnection during colliding laser-produced Plasmas: W. Gekelman, C. Niemann, C. Constantin, S. Vincena, J. Pilgrim, S. Crisp, A. Fisher.

Modeling arched magnetic flux ropes and eruptions in a laboratory plasma: SKP Tripathi, K. Krynski.

Spontaneous generation of plasma waves by an intense ion beam (20 keV/15 A) in a large magnetized plasma: SKP Tripathi and BaPSF staff.

Propagation and damping of Alfven waves in a current carrying magnetized plasma: SKP Tripathi, S. Vincena, and W. Gekelman.